Salmon life cycle

The Salmon Life Cycle Program: Encouraging communities to take care of one another and the environment

When people’s personal, intrinsic values are recognized and brought into the community sphere, the whole community benefits from those shared values. As more and more people are able to share their uniqueness and personal values, the community grows in its potential to become self-sustaining by serving one another.

The Human Salmon Foundation values community life and welcomes proposals that would enable communities to care for vulnerable children in such a way that they would be able to reach their full potential.

The Human Salmon Foundation aims to empower vulnerable communities to face the future with confidence by supporting sustainable health, education and community programs. One of our new strands of involvement is in the waste management and recycling industry. We see this unremitting social need felt globally, particularly in extreme poor urban communities. Herein lies a business opportunity for local entrepreneurs, where the pursuit of profit blends seamlessly with the pursuit of the common good. If you are interested to know more about The Human Salmon Foundation’s SABBA movement or IZIBI initiative, please contact us.

It takes a village to raise a child (African proverb)


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