The Alevin Program for 0-5 year old children: Improving infant nutrition and reducing the infant mortality rate

The Human Salmon Foundation supports and strategically partners with organisations who seek to reduce the Under-Five Mortality rate. Every year, almost 10,5 million children die before their fifth birthday. That is 30’000 children per day.

Only five diseases – pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria, measles and AIDS – account for half of all deaths in children under five. Most of these lives could be saved by expanding low-cost prevention and treatment measures. These include exclusive breastfeeding of infants, antibiotics for acute respiratory infections, oral re-hydration for diarrhoea, immunization, and the use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets and appropriate drugs for malaria. Ensuring proper nutrition is part of prevention, because malnutrition increases the risk of dying from these diseases.

The Alevin
A newly hatched salmon or alevin emerges with a yolk sac attached to its abdomen. It continues to live in the redd. When the protein, sugars and vitamins from its yolk sac are used up, the salmon fry emerges from the redd.

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