Grantseeking guidelines


The Human Salmon Foundation:

  • devotes itself exclusively to bona fide charitable purposes
  • concentrates its efforts on matters of a scope and significance proportionate to its resources and capabilities
  • meets the minimum payout requirements
  • is fully accountable to the Swiss government
  • is transparent
  • interacts and collaborates with other like-minded organisations


The Human Salmon Foundation supports sustainable health, education and community programs which enable vulnerable children to face the future with confidence.

The main factor(s) that determine investment are any of the following:

 Fundraising practices

  • Fundraising practices are transparent, accurate and not misleading.
  • Fundraising costs are limited to a reasonable proportion of the Human Salmon Foundation’s overall expenditure and are regularly monitored for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Financial Statements

The budget of The Human Salmon Foundation is approved by the board. Financial statements are prepared by an independent auditor on an annual basis and submitted to the Swiss government.

Public Information

Information about The Human Salmon Foundation’s activities and financial statements will be made available to the public.

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