Our story

The Human Salmon Foundation was established by a family after having gone through the adventure and, at times trauma, of moving from Africa to Switzerland. Especially the children realized that to survive in a foreign setting, they had to learn how to survive and swim against the current. Their mother often urged them to emulate the single-minded persistence of salmon swimming upstream. But for them this upstream battle was relatively easy, because they were much loved and well cared for. At the same time the family had benefited greatly from the exposure to a diversity of cultures and from life in an international community.

They could not forget, however, the acute need of children in poor countries in Africa and beyond. Therefore the boys and their parents decided to share some of what they had learned and received during their adventurous journey. This is what THSF is all about – enabling vulnerable children to face the future with confidence by supporting sustainable health, education and community programs.

“The Human Salmon Foundation” was founded in Morges, Switzerland, 2007.

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