About Us


The Human Salmon Foundation enables vulnerable children to face the future with confidence by supporting sustainable health, education and community programs.


The mission of the Human Salmon Foundation is

  • to identify uneducated and/or sick children, where inadequate or dysfunctional communities might be part of the problem, or where children were left in a vulnerable or disadvantaged position due to wars, injustice or natural disasters;
  • to systematically analyze the deficits in their care or education and to develop sound evidence as basis to address these needs;
  • to help fill the gaps and support them through sustainable health, education and community programs;
  • to inspire vulnerable children to discover and develop their cultural heritage before they leave home;
  • to encourage children who have benefited from these programs to become mentors of other vulnerable children – helping them to become independent, confident and healthy adults;
  • where appropriate, to form strategic partnerships and alliances with other like-minded organisations or governments in order to fulfil the vision of the Human Salmon Foundation.


We believe children

  • deserve to be protected and loved
  • have the right to be represented
  • should have the privilege to celebrate faith, tradition and diversity
  • have the capacity to trust, to be trustworthy and to be honest
  • have the potential to be creative and courageous
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